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The main purpose of Flea Market Insiders is to exclusively showcase treasures we, Katharina & Nicolas, uncover in flea markets around europe.

Our idea behind launching Flea Market Insiders was to show the world and our friends that flea markets litteraly overflow with often unsought treasures. Flea Market Insiders is thus meant to regularly feature, through pictures and a few words, all the cool stuff we “undust” every week in flea markets.

One big question we’re often asked by people who’d also like to become regular flea markets’s treasures hunters, is“what does it take to get the most out of the experience and make the most of our hard-earned money and eventually find those hidden treasures we talk about?”.

Of course there are hundreds of tips for flea market success like “make sure to carry cash”, “bring along a sturdy bag”, “arrive with a mission”, “pace yourself”, “look for the bargain tables”, “drive an appropriate vehicle”, etc.

But the truth is that it actually takes nothing much to become a regular flea market hunter than a good spirit, a minimum dose of fantasy, be an early bird not to miss THE bargain of the week, and some good will mixed with a relish of perseverance.Then your eyes will sharpen themselves with time and even before you realize it, your home will be full with those fabulous finds you will have hunted all along.

Remember, the flea-market experience is about finding hidden treasures.The most valuable items are not those that you think will be valuable for resale. The really priceless things are the objects you personally love.


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